Thursday, October 9, 2008

So here's a fun thing...

Pin It ...a game. I saw this on my friend Cari's blog, and her's turned out so great, I thought I might give it a whirl. It didn't work out nearly as well for me, although I think if they came out in a different order it could have been great. Still, it was fun, except I'm sad about my death song.

So, here's how it goes:
1. Open your music library (iTunes, Winamp, Media Player, iPod, Etc)
2. Put it on shuffle
3. Press Play
4. For every question, Type the song that's playing
5. When you go to a new question, press the next button

My opening Credits: Human Touch – Bruce Springsteen

Waking Up: The earth, The Sun, The Rain -Color Me Badd

First Day At School: Naveed- Our Lady Peace (uh...ok?)

Falling In Love: Anywhere For You – Backstreet Boys

Breaking Up: Soul Man- Sam and Dave (say wha...?)

Prom: Round Here-Counting Crows

Life's Ok: Yesterday- Boyz II Men (Apparently yesterday was a better day than today)

Mental Breakdown: That’s The Way Love Goes- Janet Jackson (well, I suppose some would say that)

Driving: That Don’t Impress Me Much- Shania Twain

Flashback: Too Funky- George Michael :-D

Getting Back Together: The Ugly Bug Ball- Burl Ives (now why couldn't this be my prom song? lol)

Wedding Scene: Hungry Like the Wolf – Duran Duran

Birth of Child: Fairy Tails and Castles- Lifehouse

Final Battle: A Whiter Shade of Pale- Procol Harum

Death Scene: To Be With You- Mr. Big (a la Romeo and Juliet?)

Funeral Song: All By Myself – Celine Dion :*-(

End Credits: Walk This Way- Aerosmith

Thursday, October 2, 2008

Can You Feel It In the Air?

Pin It No, I'm not talking fall; I'm talking elections. Goodness, it gets me in a tizzy! Last time I campaigned hard for the candidate in my riding. This time, I've done nothing except comment on the CBCs blog that they have for the candidates. This election is a hard one for me, because the party I usually affiliate with, really has a lousy environmental plan. I think we could really step up and be a leader on the world stage when it comes to alternative energy, but I don't really think any of the parties have a plan I'm satisfied with. :-(

How bout you guys? Any thoughts on elections in your area (Canada or US folk)? I'm all for having a talk on here. We could go back and forth.

Sprout did something cute again today, but darn it all, I already forget what it was. Bean went on her first field trip without me or her dad tagging along. She was a bit nervous. I hope she has fun. And I hope she uses the washroom! Anyway, gotta go watch The Magic of Pegasus with Sprout.

Have a good day all! And post your election thoughts!

Friday, September 26, 2008

My little princess...

Pin It The other morning I was trying to get the kids up because they slept through the alarm.

Sprout said, in her best "dreamy (Disney) princess voice", "Not now mom..... I'm having the bestest dream, and it's not over yet."

Thursday, September 18, 2008

So I fell Off the Wagon....

Pin It ...the blog wagon.... I haven't written in a while. Not since before summer holidays. So long ago that I can't even remember what I wrote about last.
So things have been puttering along here. We went away for a couple of weeks in the summer. Superman's cousin got married and we went out for the wedding, in Canmore. We got to do a little camping too. We figured it was just as expensive to buy a tent and camp out as it was to get a hotel their and back, and we'd have the tent for years, so we got one. The kids loved camping, although it wasn't real camping. We were so close to everyone else that to me it was awkward. But we got a campfire, hot dogs, and s'mores, so who can complain?

We had a really good time. The only bad thing that happened was on the way out, we saw a greyhound bus on the side of the road, with tarp over the front of it and a coroner van nearby. I wondered what the heck happened, but never, in my wildest imagination, could I have even come close to the facts. I found out two days later, and could not get it out of my mind the entire trip. Even now, having to drive on the highway, I think of it, and have horrible images of what occurred. We also saw a gas tanker turned over on it's side a little further up the way. I hope that story had a happier ending.

We stayed in Calgary for a couple of days (where his cousin is from), and then headed out to Sicamous, BC with Superman's aunt and uncle, his mom, and his sister and her family. Thank goodness it was a big cabin! It was so beautiful there. The kids had a great time. My favorite part of the whole thing was going hiking. There's a little hike nearby the cabin, easy for the little ones, along a waterfall/rock bed creek. We went a couple of times. The last time we went it was so fun because the kids really got into it and they wanted to traverse the creek and climb on the rocks and fallen trees. It was so great! They were so cute. (Of course, it was the one time I didn't bring my camera.) They were great listeners and always waited for help climbing over the wet rocks; they were so excited to be little adventurers. I thought that they might be a little nervous, especially Bean, but she didn't hesitate at all. She even drank straight from the creek. They were soaked up to their bums by the time we were finished but it was well worth it!

On our way back to Calgary we were caught in a thunderstorm. I had never seen lightning so close up before; I thought it was a regular occurrence there since they are at such a higher elevation, but Auntie V said that it wasn't that common to see it like that. We got quite a show for about 45 minutes until we reached their house, but it lasted about 2 hours. It was amazing that even though their were flashes of lightning less than ten seconds apart for almost the entire time, we didn't get rain until after we got in the house! We saw lightning strike something just off the road probably less than 500 metres away and got a little fireworks display. I saw another flash of lightning so close up that I saw the light disperse the way you see a firework disperse--it was so amazing. I don't know if all lightning dissipates that way or if it also hit something ,but it was one of the coolest things I'd ever seen.
But alas, we had to come home and return to reality. School started for the kids a couple of weeks ago. Sprout is loving it, but her teacher tells me she can be a bit, uh, bossy. Like mother like daughter I guess. We're trying to curb it, but I think it's a lost cause. Bean thinks grade one is so boring. "He talks SO much mom," she said after I asked her how her first day went. And she totally has a phobia of public restrooms. The other day she came home after not going to the bathroom since the middle of the night, ran into the house and said something like, "I'll talk to you in a minute, I hafta go to the bathroom!" Good grief! That cannot be healthy! She couldn't even really tell me what about the bathroom made her nervous, so this morning I took her to school early and we had a tour of the bathroom. I think it's all sorted out now. I hope!

Beast's doing well. Getting into everything. His favorite things are shoes. Eww. He tries to eat them. Crocs and flip flops are his snack of choice. I try to keep them away as much as possible, but he always seems to find them. He's not walking yet, and now that he's proficient in crawling, he doesn't seem to have any desire to move on to the next step. Oh well; I'm okay with that. I just wish he would learn to crawl back down the stairs.

Sunday, June 15, 2008

complain, complain, complain.

Pin It I have to admit, I complain a lot. I like things to be a certain way, and if they're not, I have no problems saying so. To be honest, it's actually gotten me quite a lot of things. I think I've just learned to complain the "right" way (outside my home--inside, my family would probably tell you a different story). I suppose it's a learned behaviour. My mom has always been a perfectionist who complains about everything. Me, if something is good, I leave it alone; BUT, I'm not a pushover either, and I'm more than willing to open my mouth if something is sub par. I like to think that my recommendation means something. If I say something/someone is good, I really mean it. I don't hand out recommends lightly.

So the other day Superman and I hauled the kids to RONA to buy a screen door. We had some questions and so I went to the Doors and Windows "project manager" to ask some questions. She told me if I had general questions she could help me, but if it was expertise I was after she couldn't help. Say wha-? Since I wasn't sure which category she was gonna think my questions fell under, I asked, and she was right; she was no help. She didn't offer to find someone to help, she didn't get off her chair to help us find out what we were looking for, to pick the right door, pull one out, or anything. I also asked her about awnings. She told me they didn't sell any but I could make one.

"I can?"
" Yes. There's some plastic sheeting stuff you can use. You know what I mean?"
" No idea what you're talking about."
" Oh yeah, it's like stuff you use to make a pagoda."
"O-kay? Still no clue. How do I do it?"
" You'll have to talk to the guys in lumber. They can help you figure out how to build it."
" Ah. And where do I find this stuff exactly?"
"Oh, at the end of the isle. I didn't know either until a customer told me."

I give up. I'd have more luck pulling a tooth from a crocodile than getting her to help me. It was so strange I wondered if her butt was literally glued to her chair. I ended up going to customer service, after we fumbled our way through deciding which one was for us and poor Superman fighting with it to get on the cart (I was holding the Beast and then totally not thinking, I wandered off to find a screen to replace in our window leaving him to fend for himself), and told them I had just had a really bad customer service experience over in doors. The girl asked if I wanted to fill out a comment card and if perhaps I wanted to talk to the manager. At first I wasn't going to bother but I'm glad I changed my mind. I very nicely reiterated what had just transpired. In the meantime Superman came back inside and told me "well, I got the door in the van, but we'll have to leave the kids here." lol! So the manager offered to have it delivered (reg. 75 bucks) for free. I said ok. But then he wasn't sure he could do it that night. Superman would have just come back himself, but he had to go to work. I figured we could just come back the next day and pick it up, and told the manager half jokingly, instead I'll take a 75 gift card. He said "ok", and he got me the door delivered too! YAY! (Afterwards I realized I should have just asked for a free installation instead. Oh well.)

I've had a lot of luck with stuff like this though. I recently got our cable (72 channels or something) for 10 bucks a month (it's usually 50 or 60 bucks I think). I've gotten free meals, extra add-ons to purchases, and even got an 800 dollar refund from a stupid cruise thing that was kind of a scam who normally refuse refunds. I've even gotten money back for other people. And to top it off, people are still nice to me. They want me to come back! You know, people complain about stuff all the time and sometimes they get what they want, but they do it in a way that no one ever wants to deal with them again.

I think I've finally found my talent in life! HAHA! (I should have been an advocacy lawyer I think.) Is anyone else like this?

And are you guys finding this hard to read? I dig that the template works with my blog title, but I'm having a hard time reading this. Although, it is late and I've had my contacts in for waaaay too long. So is it like that for everyone or am I just getting too darn old?

Oh! I have to tell this story. It relates to getting old....

I was talking to Bean and noticed she had a snotty nose, and so I say to her: “ eww, you have lots of boogers in your nose.” (She's just coming off a cold, but she has a terrible time with clearing her sinuses. Poor kid's got her dad's nasal problems.)
"You too” she said.
“Me? Do I? Really?”
“Yup. Really”
Really, I do??” I ask again, disbelieving.
“ Well, no," she said. "But you have a lot of hair. BIG, looooong hairs. It looks like you’re growing a moustache. Hello professor,” she says to me. Punk. I would have howled with laughter if she said that to anyone else. Hello professor? The kid's five. She's not supposed to be so clever.

Saturday, May 24, 2008


Pin It So that tooth of the Beast's did come, the very next day. And then the day after that, the other bottom tooth came. And since his little nose is running today and he's been kind of grumpy this evening, I'm assuming more are on their way. I need to get pictures of him taken asap, so that I can get one of him and his (semi) toothless grin.

As for me, I'm contemplating getting lasix done. I'm scared of it, it seems kinda nasty, but if I could go swimming without the hassle of glasses or contacts, then I think it might be worth it. Honestly I'm not sure I'm a good candidate because my eyes are so big, but we'll see. I had to go to the optometrist the other day with all the kids in tow. At the end of it he asked the girls if they were good helpers. Sprout, who was of course, all over the beast said something like "oh yes, I'm very good, but she's (shooting a glance to her sister) a troublemaker. I had to laugh. "She is is she?" I asked. "Yup." Bean sputters out a protest "Hey, wait a minute, I'm not the trouble maker, YOU are!" They discuss the matter til we get to the door.
I'd like to write more, but you know, it's more of the same. Bean's sick, Sprout is of course, not listening, and Beast is starting to freak out upstairs, refusing to go to sleep even though he's so tired. It must be his teeth. He's ok until I put him down, but I think the laying down hurts. So I guess I'm off to find the tylenol and hold him a while.

Monday, May 12, 2008

Getting older

Pin It So it seems we're all getting older around here. I rolled (more like puttered) into my third decade of existence a few weeks ago. We didn't do anything too exciting-- I may have had a heart attack. We had a few people over and played games. It was fun, but it was a far cry from the birthday bash I was hoping for.
Superman seems to be comfortable being 30. He's started off the year by losing a bit of weight. Hopefully that trend will keep up and he'll be a healthier version of himself soon.

The Beast just turned six months on May 3. I can't believe he is that old already. It's strange how I feel like he's been part of our family forever and yet at the same time feel like he can't possibly be half a year old already! He's also sprouting a tooth as I write this. He's sleeping at the moment but has been so grumpy unless he's being held. I looked in his mouth and there at the bottom, he's about to pop his right tooth. It's all swollen and bubbly looking. My baby's growing up. *sniff, sniff*

Sprout is adjusting to being four. Mostly, she acts with the same chutzpah that has become her trademark. Though she is getting even more defiant and mostly balks at me when she is asked to lift a finger to help around the house. This sparks an almost daily argument. She is a natural diva, that's for sure. She's excited to start school soon though, and frankly, so am I!

The girls have started soccer for the next couple of months, but I'm already done with it and we've barely begun! I think it will be good for them, but it's twice a week and it starts at 6:00. I was actually happy to have it raining today; it means it's cancelled. Oye. But they like it, and they're so cute in their soccer jerseys. I guess I can handle it for the next two months....right?

Things are going well I suppose. I'm *still* spring cleaning, because I've been totally slacking. I think I stopped once I had to pull out all the winter gear out that I had put away the week before. Where the heck is spring???? It is NOT supposed to snow in May. April showers bring May flowers!! There was no rain in April and there are no flowers in May!! All I have to say is that if spring is delayed then everything better just be off one month or I'm gonna pick up and move somewhere that will actually get at least three months of summer. No spring. No spring cleaning. I'm on strike.

Saturday, March 29, 2008

what a week

Pin It So Monday wasn't so bad after all. We had a nice time celebrating grandma L's birthday. I'm not sure if I was being oversensitive or if Step-MIL had gotten over whatever is was that made her upset, but all went smoothly.

Tuesday we decided to start spring cleaning. We flung everything out of our room that didn't belong (it regularly becomes a catch all for everything), and packed up stuff we didn't/couldn't use anymore. The room looked great...for a day. Now it's messed up again, and worse, the hallway is clogged up with a basket of laundry and a bunch of kids stuff that still needs to make its way upstairs. :(

Tuesday we were gonna get back at it, but we were so tired from Monday it was slow going for the morning, and in the afternoon, the sink decided to rebel and refused to drain. We have a garburator, so I thought maybe it just didn't empty properly. I made the mistake of turning it on, and water came out the other side of the sink like an erupting volcano, hurling carrot shreds and egg shell bits all over the place. *gross!* Underneath it starting leaking everywhere! With a sink out of commission, the kitchen went to pot pretty quickly. Hubby (I really ought to get a nickname for him) tried to fix it that night but was getting pretty sore from doing his genie impression of fitting himself in a teeny tiny space. We decided to go to bed. On my way up, I looked around at the disaster that was my house and prayed nothing would happen that we would need any kind of outside emergency help. The kitchen: gross; living room: full of clean, unfolded laundry everywhere; hallway: full of dirty clothes, clean clothes, books, and baskets that belonged in the kids' rooms; the kids rooms: well, almost clean, since we cleaned it earlier to fit the stuff sitting in the hallway; bathroom: full of toothpaste residue, spots on the mirror, and I'm sure if I looked, an unflushed toilet. *shudder* I'm sure in that state, we would surely be reported to the authorities!

Wednesday was a bit better. Hubby, like the superhero he is (ah-ha, maybe superman will be his new moniker...), fixed the sink and all it's leaky bits. I got to go do a little shopping in the afternoon and had oodles of fun with Kristi (thanks babe!), before heading out for a church meeting in the evening.

Thursday started out more promising, except that Sprout woke up complaining of a sore stomach and proceeded to lay in our bed and occasionally make use of her trusty side kick, barf bucket. At least I got some laundry folded and superman (will see if this sticks) got a haircut. In the afternoon, he went to pick up our new bike. On the way home he stopped in The Exchange where there is a hobby shop with an army surplus in it. He came out to find the van had died. He'd left the flashers on and the battery finally gave up the ghost. We knew it had been coming for a while, but I leave the car stuff to him. I did suggest that on his week off (this past week) that it should get taken care of; I guess this was just karma kicking him in the butt.

So, anyway he phoned me from the hobby shop to somehow get him home. I couldn't go anywhere cuz he had all the car seats and Sprout was still looking like death warmed over, so I didn't want to pawn her off on anyone in case she was contagious. (She wasn't. I'm not really sure what her problem was but it was pretty short lived.) Of course, I have a CAA , but he doesn't, and I have to be with the vehicle in order to use it. I called, hoping that if I gave them the sob story of having to stay at home with a pukey kid as the reason that I wasn't with him that they would give me a break, but no go. I asked how much it would cost to add him to the membership. The guy said, "not much; your card expires in June, so we just pro-rate it." Great! I thought. He said it would cost ten bucks, but then because I need to make a call the same day, they'd have to charge me a thirty dollar fee! What?! Talk about kicking you when you're down. Sheesh. Like they don't charge enough for the membership in the first place. I told him I'd have to call him back. I thought it was ridiculous to have to fork out another 40 bucks for something I've already paid for and think should cover both of us. I tried to think of a way to get myself to the van, but that didn't pan out. I decided to phone the branch of CAA and add him on. Ten bucks later and he was a member; though his coverage didn't take effect til midnight. I was tired of dealing with it, so I phoned him at the hobby shop and had him take care of the mess he stepped into. At least the guy in the hobby shop didn't mind; he had someone to talk to. Less than an hour after phoning them, he was home, without paying the extra fee. They install batteries too, we found out, so we had them come and do it that night. What a relief, because in the morning Superman had to pick up my dad from the airport and I had a dentist appointment.

I have to admit, our house was not in much better shape when my dad got here Friday morning, and I was pretty embarrassed, but whaddya do? I had to go to the dentist. When I got back, we needed to go pick up a coat for my stepmom at The Leather Ranch. Apparently, my dad asked for a better deal on the coat; they said no, but they would take $200 off of another coat for him. Dad said he'd get one for me, since he already had a closet full of coats he didn't use. I protested a bit, but knew it was useless, and, not wanting to look a gift horse in the mouth, we toddled off to the store. I'm now the proud owner of a nice leather jacket (thanks dad!). I also found some boots, that really aren't in my budget, but I've been looking for some for so long, and they were the right price, I just couldn't pass it up. I have to admit, leather feels nice. I feel completely different in it; richer somehow. I could get used to it.

Today was a busy one too. Parents' day at dance class meant we were there from 10:15 to noon watching the girls dance. It was nice to see what they're learning and what they need to practice at home. From there we went to church for a baptism that started at one. Superman had some stuff to do to get ready for it, so I dropped him off and then ran to the store to pick up some lunch for us all. We didn't leave there til after three. I was complaining to my friend Jess that I still had to do some shopping because I no longer have any spring clothes that fit and I need some tops desperately (I came away empty handed on Wednesday). She told me to drop the girls off at her house so that Superman and I could shop for a bit. It was so sweet! Thanks so much Jess! I did get something, so I'm happy. We didn't get home til twenty to six, and were all exhausted.

Bean decided when we got home that she would play with a new timer I got. She completely busted it so that it didn't work at all. She wrecked the clip on the back that I use to stick it on me too. Superman tried to fix it, but she lost the pin when it snapped and she couldn't find it. I was so ticked off at her because I'd already told her to leave it alone more than once. Anyway, she ended up in her room til she could find the stinkin' pin. She came out a couple of times to tell me she couldn't find it, but I sent her right back up. Now, this is what impressed me: she has a My Little Pony, that has a magnet on one of the hooves. She decided to use it to find the pin. It worked! I thought that was pretty good for her to think of. Nice problem solving skills on her part.

And speaking of skills, the beast has really blossomed completely out of his newborn state in the last couple of weeks. He is getting very good at using his fingers; his fine motor skills are really coming along. He's grabbing stuff all the time. He's talking and giggling more than ever, and this week he started giving me kisses when I ask. He takes his hands, puts them on my cheeks, pulls me close, and then gives me a big, wet, open mouthed kiss, but I love it! He's really doing it on purpose and understands what I'm saying. He's also starting to wave, but also starting to make strange. There is one lady at church who wanted to hold him, but every time she tried he made the cutest upset face and screamed. He's also starting to do the worm (although, shouldn't it really be called the caterpillar?), so I think he may figure out the crawling thing before too long, and he's getting better at rolling over both ways now. He's growing up so fast!

Well, I guess this post is probably a mile long by now, I'd better sign off and go to bed. Hope everyone has had a good March. Happy Spring break!!

Monday, March 24, 2008

The Beast's first Easter.....

Pin It
...and I forgot to take any pictures. OOPS!
I even charged up the batteries.

Poor third child. I think hubby working nights completely threw the whole thing off. I almost forgot Easter was Sunday on Saturday night until I checked facebook and my friend Tanya wrote that she was getting ready for the Easter bunny to come. Duh! Blonde moment for sure. So I quickly emptied out the baskets that my mom got the kids and restuffed them with a few things we'd picked up earlier in the week. It was so anti-climactic. The girls woke up to see the baskets on the table but at first didn't realize that they were filled with different things than they had brought home from "gammy's" house. We also missed great grandma L's 90th birthday come-and-go-tea on Saturday at her retirement home. I'm such a putz. I didn't really want to go try and keep the kids in check without hubby, but figured we should go anyway, but I guess the day just kind of got away from me and by afternoon I had forgotten about it. We'll be seeing her today and so I thought I'd go pick a present up for her but when I talked to my step-MIL I was told that she really only wanted our company and I definitely got the hint. I'm feeling a bit chilled from the frost I got over the phone. Not looking forward to the day I have to say, though I suppose the cold shoulder is warranted. The wicked take the truth to be hard? Yup, they do! Can I be perfectly honest here though and say that though she seems nice, I have no idea what to say to her and wonder a bit why my husband doesn't make more of an effort to see her? After all, she's not my grandma; why is it my responsibility? Here's where I'm thinking if I'm going to make my blog public, that I ought to censor myself a little more and come off as more....perfect. But I'm not, and I don't see any point in hiding that fact. Nothing frosts me more than women pretending to have it all together for those around them when they are feeling overwhelmed with life, you know? I think it makes the rest of the other poor women feel like they have to pretend. Let's all just be real, shall we. Maybe if we could share our struggles, less anti-depressants would be in order. I will sacrifice perfection! I'm letting the world know right now, that I'm a wreck! :)  /getting off soapbox, now.

Anyway, I hope everyone had a good Easter. I think I may have to restage the scene and get some pictures.

Sunday, March 16, 2008

Sunday, busy Sunday

Pin It So my dear, sweet hubby let me sleep in this morning, and remarkably, so did the Beast. He woke up at 4 something a.m. and cried for a bit but eventually fell back asleep. I'm not sure what the deal is with this, but he's been waking up between 4 and 5am for the past week or so. But, he fell back asleep, and instead of waking up at his usual time of between 7 or 8, he slept until 11:30! Bliss, I tell ya. It was short lived though when I had to race out of bed, feed the baby, get ready for church and stick a turkey in the oven. Hubby mostly got the kids ready, so that was nice. In fact, he put the turkey in the oven as well. Too bad I can't remember how to work the delay on the oven! Neither did he. We stared it down for a while, hoping it would give in and do what we wanted, but it wouldn't cooperate. In my house, I shouldn't be surprised. Eventually we thought we had it figured out, but when we came home we discovered a mostly raw turkey waiting for us.

On the way to church today Sprout shared with us the fact that she was a girl, and that meant that when she grew up she would be a mom, and she could do grown up dances. I'm not really sure what she meant by it, but thought it was pretty funny that for her, being a mom means being able to do different dances than they do in her dance class.

So it's been a long day, as all Sundays usually are. And the Beast is once again in the midst of his witching hour. I think hubby's getting ready to toss him out the window, so I'd better go rescue them from each other.

Tuesday, March 11, 2008

what a day

Pin It Oh my gosh. My ears are ringing from the Beast screaming in them all night. I'm not sure what his problem is, but he has NOT been a happy camper all day. The kids are just getting rid of colds too, so perhaps that's part of the issue. All I know is he didn't nap much today and so he is very overtired and cranky. Bean stayed home from school today (again) because of her cold. She's pretty much on the mend though and I'm kicking her out of the house tomorrow so it's probably best if she hops on the bus and ends up at school before she starts running with the local gang. That girl has been trying my patience today. She is getting super lippy and trying to rule the roost. I have to lay down the law hard now. She's not liking it too much, but she's usually such a good kid that I sometimes let the small stuff slide. Big mistake apparently. You know something's wrong with the house dynamic when Sprout's the good one. :D

So I just started this blog but have no idea how long it will last. I had one over at livejournal for a while, but I only wrote in it three times or something since December '06. Yes, '06; it's not a typo. Last I wrote over there, we still hadn't gone on vacation last summer or found our hip new van yet. As you can tell journal writing and the like aren't really a strong suit. I guess I figure my life is pretty boring, but I'm going to try to keep it up for posterity or something. If anyone knows how I can sweeten this look up a bit, I'm more than willing to listen. I'm not really keen on the templates they've given and would like to spruce it up a bit, but honestly don't have the time or the patience to sniff around for how to do it. I tried a bit today but Spencer wasn't so accommodating.

I started the day with such high hopes of accomplishment. What a bust. All I did was get the dishwasher emptied, a couple of dishes washed and supper made. Hopefully more will get done tomorrow.

It looked like such a nice day today too, and because of being sick and grumpy we never made it outside. Ah well, if I had a perfect day then what would be left to hope for tomorrow, right?