Thursday, October 2, 2008

Can You Feel It In the Air?

Pin It No, I'm not talking fall; I'm talking elections. Goodness, it gets me in a tizzy! Last time I campaigned hard for the candidate in my riding. This time, I've done nothing except comment on the CBCs blog that they have for the candidates. This election is a hard one for me, because the party I usually affiliate with, really has a lousy environmental plan. I think we could really step up and be a leader on the world stage when it comes to alternative energy, but I don't really think any of the parties have a plan I'm satisfied with. :-(

How bout you guys? Any thoughts on elections in your area (Canada or US folk)? I'm all for having a talk on here. We could go back and forth.

Sprout did something cute again today, but darn it all, I already forget what it was. Bean went on her first field trip without me or her dad tagging along. She was a bit nervous. I hope she has fun. And I hope she uses the washroom! Anyway, gotta go watch The Magic of Pegasus with Sprout.

Have a good day all! And post your election thoughts!

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Jess said...

Love it Rachelle always causing trouble. I can tell you I did watch the debates the other night and besides being slightly embarassed as one channel was discussing the arts funding compared to the other channel discussing the world financial crisis. (Can you guess which country was which?)
If only there was one perfect party that I agreed with everything instead of good ideas from all of them.