Saturday, May 24, 2008


Pin It So that tooth of the Beast's did come, the very next day. And then the day after that, the other bottom tooth came. And since his little nose is running today and he's been kind of grumpy this evening, I'm assuming more are on their way. I need to get pictures of him taken asap, so that I can get one of him and his (semi) toothless grin.

As for me, I'm contemplating getting lasix done. I'm scared of it, it seems kinda nasty, but if I could go swimming without the hassle of glasses or contacts, then I think it might be worth it. Honestly I'm not sure I'm a good candidate because my eyes are so big, but we'll see. I had to go to the optometrist the other day with all the kids in tow. At the end of it he asked the girls if they were good helpers. Sprout, who was of course, all over the beast said something like "oh yes, I'm very good, but she's (shooting a glance to her sister) a troublemaker. I had to laugh. "She is is she?" I asked. "Yup." Bean sputters out a protest "Hey, wait a minute, I'm not the trouble maker, YOU are!" They discuss the matter til we get to the door.
I'd like to write more, but you know, it's more of the same. Bean's sick, Sprout is of course, not listening, and Beast is starting to freak out upstairs, refusing to go to sleep even though he's so tired. It must be his teeth. He's ok until I put him down, but I think the laying down hurts. So I guess I'm off to find the tylenol and hold him a while.

Monday, May 12, 2008

Getting older

Pin It So it seems we're all getting older around here. I rolled (more like puttered) into my third decade of existence a few weeks ago. We didn't do anything too exciting-- I may have had a heart attack. We had a few people over and played games. It was fun, but it was a far cry from the birthday bash I was hoping for.
Superman seems to be comfortable being 30. He's started off the year by losing a bit of weight. Hopefully that trend will keep up and he'll be a healthier version of himself soon.

The Beast just turned six months on May 3. I can't believe he is that old already. It's strange how I feel like he's been part of our family forever and yet at the same time feel like he can't possibly be half a year old already! He's also sprouting a tooth as I write this. He's sleeping at the moment but has been so grumpy unless he's being held. I looked in his mouth and there at the bottom, he's about to pop his right tooth. It's all swollen and bubbly looking. My baby's growing up. *sniff, sniff*

Sprout is adjusting to being four. Mostly, she acts with the same chutzpah that has become her trademark. Though she is getting even more defiant and mostly balks at me when she is asked to lift a finger to help around the house. This sparks an almost daily argument. She is a natural diva, that's for sure. She's excited to start school soon though, and frankly, so am I!

The girls have started soccer for the next couple of months, but I'm already done with it and we've barely begun! I think it will be good for them, but it's twice a week and it starts at 6:00. I was actually happy to have it raining today; it means it's cancelled. Oye. But they like it, and they're so cute in their soccer jerseys. I guess I can handle it for the next two months....right?

Things are going well I suppose. I'm *still* spring cleaning, because I've been totally slacking. I think I stopped once I had to pull out all the winter gear out that I had put away the week before. Where the heck is spring???? It is NOT supposed to snow in May. April showers bring May flowers!! There was no rain in April and there are no flowers in May!! All I have to say is that if spring is delayed then everything better just be off one month or I'm gonna pick up and move somewhere that will actually get at least three months of summer. No spring. No spring cleaning. I'm on strike.