Saturday, May 24, 2008


Pin It So that tooth of the Beast's did come, the very next day. And then the day after that, the other bottom tooth came. And since his little nose is running today and he's been kind of grumpy this evening, I'm assuming more are on their way. I need to get pictures of him taken asap, so that I can get one of him and his (semi) toothless grin.

As for me, I'm contemplating getting lasix done. I'm scared of it, it seems kinda nasty, but if I could go swimming without the hassle of glasses or contacts, then I think it might be worth it. Honestly I'm not sure I'm a good candidate because my eyes are so big, but we'll see. I had to go to the optometrist the other day with all the kids in tow. At the end of it he asked the girls if they were good helpers. Sprout, who was of course, all over the beast said something like "oh yes, I'm very good, but she's (shooting a glance to her sister) a troublemaker. I had to laugh. "She is is she?" I asked. "Yup." Bean sputters out a protest "Hey, wait a minute, I'm not the trouble maker, YOU are!" They discuss the matter til we get to the door.
I'd like to write more, but you know, it's more of the same. Bean's sick, Sprout is of course, not listening, and Beast is starting to freak out upstairs, refusing to go to sleep even though he's so tired. It must be his teeth. He's ok until I put him down, but I think the laying down hurts. So I guess I'm off to find the tylenol and hold him a while.


carizolli said...

Poor lil'Spencer! Pushing teeth must be horribly painful!

That cracks me up about Audrey's comment to the Dr.! *lol*

I want lasix done so bad! Maybe one of these days...I would love to be done with contacts for good!

It's good to hear from you Rachelle! you need to blog more :)

Jess said...

I love your kids that is hilarious!! Good luck with Spencer teething. I am totally with you although now Abby is way better. Enjoy your little troublemakers!!!!

Drennans said...

aww cute kid with his teeth! Isaiah hasn't even sorta got one yet!