Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Grocery shoppin'

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So, I've been reading up on once-a-month shopping. I made my whole month's list of meals and rounded up my list, looked through my fliers, and headed out.

I had only me, which I guess was nice, except I had to haul out a load of groceries to the van and hop back in for the second half. If I could have only fit it all in one cart, this experience would have been a lot cheaper, because I couldn't have put all those extras in....

My problem is that I always buy more than what's on my list. I know that discipline is key to staying on budget, but when I find stuff on sale, I think, "oh, that would be great for _______" (food storage or school lunches, usually.)

Today my downfall was cereal. I noticed our supply was getting a little low and I must have come home with a dozen boxes. Oops. Then, I noticed a few mistakes on my bill and had to go back to the store for corrections (which worked out to over 9 dollars, so totally worth it.) The downside? I went back with the kids, and by then I was really hungry, noticed chips on sale, which of course when you're famished, just don't seem like they're going to hit the spot without some dip.(I know the cardinal rule of grocery shopping: don't go when you're hungry. Should've had a snack before I went back....) And then on the way to the check-out, we noticed toaster strudels on sale. Really? I think I've bought those once in the kids' existence. So, nine dollars in, and then $27 dollars out for a net loss of 18 bucks. Sheesh. I am the worst grocery shopper. BUT, at least I think I'm set for the month, so hopefully I won't have to step foot in there for another month, because, as you can see, I cannot just go in for a jug of milk. It's a jug of milk, and five things that are on a great sale, and then 60 bucks later I've overspent.

So, this month's shop was a little under than $250 less than last month's once a month shop. So, it's progress, right? Truth be told though, I still spent about 100-200 more than I was hoping for. And now I have to Yawn.

 I have decided that next month I will have to take only the amount of cash I want to use and if I overspend, I will embarrass myself by pulling stuff off the bill. Maybe that will teach me??

 What's you're grocery budget per month? How often do you shop? Do you stick to your list?

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carizolli said...

I would totally do this if I had a pantry! (One of the biggest drawbacks to our new house is the lack of food storage space *ugh*). I hate going to the grocery store! And sometimes it seems like I'm there 4-5 times a week!